Yorkstone Paving Slabs Guide

In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about Yorkstone Paving. We talk about what it is, the benefits of using it, the different applications and how you can achieve a yorkstone effect for a fraction of the price. If there is anything you need to know about Yorkstone Paving, you’ll find it in this guide.

What is Yorkstone Paving?

Yorkstone, also known as York stone, is a variety of sandstone. It comes from quarries in Yorkshire that have been worked in since medieval times. It is one of the most prestigious paving options on the market.

Yorkstone Paving is made from the minerals present in Yorkshire. These include quartz, mina, clay and iron oxide. This mix of minerals results in York stone colours ranging from a deep sandy shade to grey with hints of silver and blue. It has been a premier choice of pavers for centuries. The commercial market also opts for Yorkstone Paving due to its quality, strength and versatility.

York stone is actually a generic name. It is what all stone quarried from York is called. Yorkstone is characterised by its fine, tightly packed grains. These create a paving option that is an ideal, hard-wearing material.


The Yorkstone Paving History

Yorkstone was formed over 300 million years ago. It was formed during the ‘coal bearing’ period, also known as the Carboniferous period.

Yorkstone consists of mica, quartz, iron, feldspare, silica, clay and iron oxides. A huge industry has been created around quarrying the York stone material. In fact, it has been quarried since medieval times and by the 18th century.

Yorkstone Paving is best known for its use as paving stones and house signs in old fashioned high streets in the UK. Many people will recognise London as the main place for having traditional Yorkstone paving stones.

It became a popular paving stone in high streets as it was highly durable. With mortar packed alongside it, it proved to be a smooth surface that helped reduce the risk of accidents with horses and carts travelling through high streets at speed. This is still a popular choice of paving stone for high streets as it proved to be weather resistant and will never cause any issues with potholes.


The Advantages of Yorkstone Paving

One of the benefits of using Yorkstone Paving is the attractiveness and adaptability of the stone. The diversity of this stone means it can sit perfectly in a contemporary layout but look just as perfect in a more traditional setting. This paving option offers a timeless standard and class to any aesthetic.

Yorkstone Paving also boasts exceptional durability. This paving stone has a proven track record of longevity, strength and slip resistance. It not only offers outstanding technical properties, but it also provides superb quality as well as stunning visuals.

Another benefit of Yorkstone Paving is that it is hugely versatile. Due to the versatility and durability of this paving stone, it is often used in bigger spaces and as part of large-scale projects. However, it is also commonly used in smaller scale landscaping and building work for individual homeowners.


Benefits Of Using Yorkstone Paving

While Yorkstone can be a more costly than other paving material options, it’s many benefits and incredible durability far outweigh the costs. Below we have listed just some of the many benefits of Yorkstone Paving.

It Offers A Timeless Level of Appeal

The great thing about Yorkstone paving is that it will never fall out of popularity. It has a timeless appeal and is still used as much in construction projects today as it was many years ago. When you choose Yorkstone paving for your outdoor paving, you know that you’re choosing a paving option that is as current and attractive now as it will be for the next few hundreds of years.

It’s Durable Paving

If you’re looking for a paving solution that is durable and long lasting, then York Stone is the paving for you. This is a paving stone that can withstand heavy weights and high traffic. You can often see it in high streets, shopping towns and town centres due to its ability to withstand heavy use and high traffic. While Yorkstone paving rarely looks worn, a worn appearance to this stone actually adds to its appeal.

It’s Value Adding

York stone paving is sure to add value to any home or property. This is because of the expensive nature of the stone. An attractive patio will turn a garden into a usable space throughout the year; this in turns adds value to your home. Make the patio area from Yorkstone paving and it will make the area much more appealing and boost the value of your home even more so.

Common Uses For Yorkstone Paving

The main early use of Yorkstone paving was for high streets supported horses and carts, as we have already spoken about. However, another early use would be for the York stone to be used to create stone walls around cathedrals and churches, and even some homes. It was an extremely popular material that proved to be reliable when used to help cities and towns grow and build their communities.

While many roads in cities have been replaced with tarmac, as it better supports the road with heavy lorries and other vehicles, York stone can still be seen in pavements. It is also a common stone for decorative usage such as garden features and driveway cobbles.

These days, York stone is commonly used for memorial stones and house signs. You may also see it used for stepping and bollards. Many homeowners opt for York stone as their choice for natural stone coping, setts and cobbles as well as tumbled setts.

York stone is commonly used for stone slips and roofing slates. It is a common bespoke stoneware option for many and can be used in various garden features, paving and garden paths too.

Due to the practicality of the stone, matched with its appealing look it is commonly used in the construction industry for footpaths, walls, driveways, steps, paths and patios. This stone is also used for garden ornaments and memorial gardens.

Yorkstone Paving Maintenance

One of the main reasons our customers opt for York stone is because it requires minimal maintenance. The cleaning of the stone is usually a cosmetic factor as it does not require cleaning to keep its durability in place. That said, this paving can become slippery when it is dirty, and algae can form on this stone too. We would recommend a weak bleach mixture with water used on a monthly clean. This will help reduce the risk of algae.

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Yorkstone affordable alternative - Raj Green Indian Sandstone

It's no big secret that York stone is incredibly expensive. For all the reasons above, it's a fantastic, raw, traditional option to go for, but it will absolutely break the bank. However, a couple of decades ago, an overseas sandstone market began to emerge in the UK, which offered an affordable alternative to yorkstone for the very first time. Raj green sandstone was first imported to the UK to replicate yorkstone and the market has never looked back. The colours match closely and the slabs work out 7-8x cheaper! No wonder they are a huge hit.

Raj Green Indian Sandstone - Take a Look!

These days, the popular Indian sandstone - Raj Green paving - dominates the market. It's widely available, very affordable and as you can see above, it looks great!

If you were after yorkstone, but don't have the budget, then allow us to provide a quote for Raj Green paving here. We'd be very happy to help.

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