Social distancing procedures are in place on-site, however as we have an outdoor display we will not be enforcing a mask policy for visitors.
Please call before visiting if you have any concerns - 01733 810161


***Next Day Deliveries*** - Orders received before 12pm will be dispatched on the next working day on a 24-hour service. Orders received after 12pm will be dispatched a day later. However, due to ungoing COVID-19 situation, our Next Day services are also experiencing delays via couriers. They will arrive quicker, but you may have to allow an additional 24hrs to dispatch on top of the 24hr courier time. 

Delivery Information


  • Please note that the although we try our hardest to book an exact day for your delivery, in some instances the arrival of goods could be delayed by 24hrs in unforeseen circumstances. Please do not book any tradesmen until the product physically arrives. If you choose to book a contractor before arrival of the goods, we are not responsible for consequential loss of earnings.
  • It is also your responsibility to inform us of any access problems before placing an order, taking into consideration the size of the delivery vehicle may be up to 18 tonnes which may need wider access. A 7.5t vehicle can be requested if you feel access may be tight.
  • Where necessary, re-delivery charges will apply if no one present at the address to sign for the goods on the pre-agreed day. To avoid re-delivery charges, drivers may leave it unsigned with prior contact but leaving unsigned will waiver your right to report shortages and or damages. It is important you do all you can do be present during delivery.
  • Nationwide delivery is carried out through a 3rd party. The courier operates with tail-lift and manual pump truck service and will only guarantee a kerb-side drop or a drop to the nearest access point on a hard surface. At the driver’s discretion they may move the goods on to a driveway or front garden, but it is very unlikely that an order will be moved into a back garden. If your driveway is accessible by the wagon, the product may be offloaded onto your drive with your permission. This will be done solely on your agreement. Any other service offered is strictly between the customer and the Haulier and is not part of contract between Primethorpe Paving Ltd and yourself. If your property has loose gravel chippings, soft uneven ground or an incline/decline present, the pump truck will be unable to pass it and the product will be left at the nearest suitable area.
  • Delivery routes are planned by the courier daily, usually divided into a morning run and an afternoon run. Deliveries can be made between the hours of 8am and 6.30pm. On all deliveries, where an accurate mobile number has been provided, we will request that the courier sends you a text message when the goods leave the depot and further text when the driver has an estimated arrival time (a 2 hour window), finally we request the driver gives you a call when they are 30mins away. Please note the phone call from the driver is only a request and not something we can promise. It is your responsibility to provide an up to date mobile number for us, please feel free to email us your contact number if you feel we may not have one.


Reporting Damage on arrival information


  • Before dispatching your goods there will be multiple checks to ensure that nothing leaves our yard broken. The ease of ordering heavy goods online helps all of us to purchase high quality goods at competitive prices. Sadly, the down side is the usually the long distances between the purchase location and your final delivery address, in some instances a pallet can be loaded and unloaded on to a vehicle up to 6 times as it works its way across the country passing through various depots.
  • To keep costs down for the end user, the pavers are not individually packaged but packed in a single pallet or crate. Subsequently, it is important to respect the possibility that some form of breakages or possible chips to edges or corners may occur during transport. Although damages during the delivery process are often very few and far between, they do happen. Primethorpe allow a tolerance of up to 10% of a crate to be chipped or damaged before it is deemed unacceptable. If the situation arises where you have received goods with over 10% damages, please note “Damages Received” on the paperwork/delivery note. If you simply sign with just your name, the courier will not take responsibility for any possible damages and you may waiver your right to a free of charge replacement delivery service. If the 10%< damages are noted on the delivery paperwork, you will be entitled to free of charge replacement delivery from the courier and we will also happily supply the replacement pavers free of charge. Any report of breakages must be made within 24 hours of the arrival with relevant photographs by email to the following email address
  • Photographs: To successfully process a damage claim, we need photographs of both the goods in the original packaging – still boxed – and images of them laid out showing any clear damages.
  • Please note: We do not offer any cash or card refunds for breakages in transit.
  • Based on the above we strongly advise when placing an order that you order an additional 5-10% on top of your exact requirements to cover the unlikely event that you do have some damages on arrival - especially if you are under time constraints or you have contractors booked in to carry out the work. Hopefully, all goods are damage free upon arrival in which case any additional pavers can be used as spares for any extension or replacements needed later. However, if you are now realising you may need to order extra, get in touch ASAP and we will likely be able to get this added to your order.
  • If somebody else is accepting the delivery on your behalf it is your responsibility to inform them to check and sign as per above guidance.


Reporting Shortages on arrival information

  • Despite our best effort, miscounts may occur when picking and packing orders. We pick your exact quantities free of charge, but as a result it allows human error to sometimes occur.
  • As soon as the goods arrives, the first thing you must do is to take a photo of the goods in the original crates/pallets, including all banding that is securing the product BEFORE taking them out and counting. Any shortage reports must have an accompanying image of the order before unpacking. It will not be possible for us to come to site to check the goods ourselves therefore we must have images in a clear birds-eye angle from yourself that allows us to count the goods. We cannot of help with any shortage claim if the goods have been unpacked and/or we have no imagery of them in their original packaging.
  • Any shortages reported after 24hrs will not be accepted. It is important you arrange delivery where you will be able to count within this time frame by arranging help if needed.


Returning unwanted items

  • In the unlikely scenario you should wish to return your order, we are happy to accept returns within a 30-day period providing the product is in its original packaging and still in sold condition. We are happy to arrange the return on your behalf if you ensure that the product is packed appropriately for transit and is accessible for a pallet truck pickup. Any delivery costings (original fee & return costs) will also be deducted from your final refund.
  • We can only accept return on full orders, we cannot accept returns of excess product or leftovers.
  • There will be a restocking charge of 20% applicable for returns to cover the admin costs involved with fulfilling the order. Refunds for the goods will be raised within 14 days upon receipt of the returned goods to our yard after inspection.


Product Descriptions

Where possible we try to give a detailed and accurate description of all our products, however listed below are a few things to take into consideration with regards to our products:

  • Please remember colours are subjective, where somebody may call an item Black the next person may call it Charcoal. Where one slab in a range may be a shade of grey, the next maybe a browner colour. Variation in colour is a what attracts people to using natural materials, but if you have doubts it may be worth postponing your order arrival date and ordering a sample pack from us allowing you to see a small representation of the product before your full order arrives.
  • Natural imperfections can be found within our stone. Natural imperfections consist of the following: Natural riven surfaces, mineral lines and markings, iron oxide spots and natural indents & raised areas.
  • Calibration thickness is given as a guidance, we purchase and import stone calibrated to either 22mm or 30mm. Although we regularly have quality control checks to monitor the thickness of the stone, please allow a tolerance of up to 20% (or 5mm) on some calibrations. In some instance there may be up to 10% of the goods that are slightly different than the 22mm/30mm thickness that is advertised. 
  • Our cobble ranges - unless stated otherwise - have a variable thickness between 30mm- 50mm. These variable thickness cobbles are hand split and again we would ask you appreciate there may be a tolerance of 20% (6mm-10mm) on up to 10% of your order.
  • There may be some tolerance in the width and length of our pavers or cobbles, for example a 90cm x 60cm may be for example 90.5cm x 59.50cm. As mentioned above we do regular checks on our product dimensions and have worked with our current quarry suppliers for a number of years, we do ask you to understand that we cannot check every paver size before dispatch. We have found that choosing to go with a hand dressed edge is a more forgiving material when it comes to completing the work. Sawn edges pavers tend to require a bit more work to get the joints perfectly even and you may have to cut a few pavers onsite to achieve perfect joints. We ask you to remember if you are working with a natural material and not a porcelain paver, a sizing tolerance needs to be expected. Please allow for 10% of the goods which may not perfectly sized.
  • In some instance we advertise our smaller sizes pavers as 60cm x 30cm or 30cm x 30cm. These may in fact be 60cm x 29cm and 29cm x 29cm to allow for a 10mm joint coverage within mixed size packs.
  • Single size pavers are sold per unit and not per m2. The mixed size packs are sold per m2. Paving sold in mixed packs is sold as a coverage amount to allow for jointing - all prices are calculated accordingly. Mixed size paving is sold at a lower costing than single size paving, so you are NOT paying for the joint but by providing a coverage price, it prevents our customers from over ordering where otherwise unnecessary.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to get in touch


Kind Regards,

The Primethorpe Team