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Fireplace Hearths

Fireplace Hearths

We have been crafting bespoke fireplace hearths for years. Our top of the range machinery and expert masons have produced 100s of hearths over the years and guarantee the perfect final product.

We have hearths to suit every environment, budget and timescale. They are all perfectly suitable for use with fuel burners, or open fires and the pieces are all specifically sourced for their appearance and durability. Once you have ordered your hearth, they will arrive ready to install and be fit for constant use for years and years.

We offer two different services depending on what you are after. We have an express service for those looking for something a little quicker and a bespoke service which allows you to fully customise your hearth to your exact requirements.

Bespoke & Luxury Cutting Services

If you opt to go for our most popular service, we will work with you to take the exact measurements for your hearth piece. Our customer service team will get your specifications and complete a template drawing based on these measurements before passing it on to our mason to complete. The whole process is nice and easy, but it does take slightly longer to complete which is why the delivery timescale is slightly longer. The piece arrives completely ready to install upon delivery.

Our Fireplace Hearths

Limestone Hearths - Our most popular choice. We have sold 100’s of black limestone fireplace hearths because they are simple, stylish and effective. The consistent shades of black within limestone means they are perfect at creating a warm feeling fireplace. These are less expensive that our premium materials but are perfect for those on a budget. The stone may have some slight imperfections in the surface such as the odd white mark, but the savings more than make up for it.

Sandstone Hearths - A very traditional looking stone. These lighter colour stones are perfect for a traditional setting and match will with a lighter coloured surround. These are the most traditional option but are only available in limited sizes and finishes. A great option for an older home.

Granite Hearths - The first of our premium options. This is a dark, polished granite for a brilliant contemporary look. The deep black is enhanced with the polished finish and really helps to create a warm effect. Granite is an incredibly tough stone and will stand up to the test of constant usage – whilst it comes with a premium, granite is a fantastic choice that will look fantastic for years to come.

Slate Hearths - Our second premium option. Brazilian slate is the premium slate available worldwide and we are proud to stock it. Slate is a fantastic material for a hearth as it is heat resistant, perfectly smooth and has an incredibly attractive finish. With a slate hearth, you get a beautiful, unique piece of stone that will really stand out in any room.

Limestone Hearths
Sandstone Hearths
Granite Hearths
Slate Hearths
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