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Joint-It (20kg) | Brush-in Jointing Compound | 3 Colours Available

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Joint-IT is one of the market leading, 1 tub jointing compounds. With 3 colours to chose from, you are sure to find something that suits.

The Product: One tub of Joint-IT brush-in jointing compound. 1 QTY purchased is 1 tub.

The Size: This is a single 20kg tub.

The Coverage: A 20kg tub will cover approximately 12-15m2 of paving. You can use a calculator here:

The Colour: The 3 colours are the following:

  • Neutral: Pale, white sandy beach. Great for lighter slabs or a contrast with darker slabs.

  • Dark-Grey: A balanced darker. The most popular choice and sutiable for many paving choices.

  • Mid-Grey: A lighter grey to suit a paler slab. Good all round choice if Dark-grey is too dark.

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Excl. VAT: £42.00 Incl. VAT: £50.40


Product Description

Paving jointing mortar Joint-It Simple™ must be used on paving that has been soaked with water making it the ideal product for normal UK weather conditions. In hot or dry spells, extra water must be used to thoroughly soak the paving before applying Joint-It Simple™.

Developed by paving contractors for professional pavers and landscapers, Joint-It Simple™ is a ready-mixednon-staining paving grout that can be applied in wet or dry weather and is suitable for use with all natural stone and concrete paving, including porcelain.

Water permeable, Joint-It Simple™ is activated on contact with air and is designed to be frost, weed and power-washer resistant.


Application Instructions


- Foundation / base must be water permeable.
- Use compacted hardcore 100-150mm deep.
- Allow space for 50mm sand and cement and the depth of your paving slab on top.


- Use a sharp gritty sand. To see what sharp gritty sand looks like – watch Video One.


- Sand and Cement mix must be used in ratio of 1 measure of cement to 6 measures of sand. Mixture will be semi-dry.

Joint Depth

- Joints must be a minimum of 25mm deep.

Joint Width

- Joints must be a minimum of 3mm wide.


- Clean the paving and remove all dust and debris from the joints before you apply Joint-It Simple™


Directions for Use

Soak with Water

- You must soak your finished paving with water before you open your bucket of joint-it simple™.

- Keep the paving soaked with water while you work. Do not allow the paving to dry as you work with the product. Keep re-wetting the paving as you work.

Open Joint-It

- The product is vacuum packed tightly inside the bag.

- Open the bag and tip the product out onto your wet paving.

Applying Joint-It

- Use a hard bristle brush to work the product into the joints. You must soak your paving with water before you start to sweep joint-it simple™ into the joints.

- Keep the paving soaked with water while you work. Do not allow the paving to dry as you work. Keep re-wetting the paving as you work with the product.

Soak Again

- When all of the joints are full of product then soak the paving again with water.

- Allow the paving and product to dry. Depending on weather conditions, this will take between 15 and 45 minutes approximately.

Sweep in Joint-It

- Using a soft bristle brush, sweep over the paved area and top up joints with product until all of the joints are completely full.

- Sweep up and remove any excess product.


Additional Information

Be Careful

- During and after applying Joint-It Simple™ be careful not to walk across the paving with dirty boots as doing so will leave dirty footprints on your paving

- Keep children, dogs and other pets off the paving until it has dried.

What to Expect

- Joint-It Simple™ is activated upon contact with air.

- The product will feel hard to touch when you lift it out of the bucket. This is because it is tightly packed and vacuum sealed.

Hard Brush
- We use a hard bristle brush.- You can also use a squeegee.

Professional Finish

- For a professional finish, use a finishing bar or the side of a trowel to get a nice even finish on the joints.

Storing Joint-It

- Put any unused product into the bucket, first having removed the cardboard base, cover it with water and seal tightly with the bucket lid. This will keep for up to 4 weeks.


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