Slate Paving

Primethorpe slate is available in an array of colours and textures. We import only the best quality slate from around the world, so you can rest assured that the quality is top of the tree. It's a premium quality stone and stands up to the test of the British elements - it maintains it's colours and sheen for years, which some other, lower quality paving may fall foul to.

These paving slabs have beautiful laminate texture and a silky smooth feel. It is a traditionally easy to work stone, making it highly useful in many construction projects and situations, from roofing & walling to garden paths, driveways, patios, steps and edges. This is a highly versatile stone and looks superb in landscaping.

Paving with Slate is a great choice to make as it is visually amazing. Slate is a metamorphic stone which has formed in layers over the years - when being split to form paving slabs, it often splits in layers which results in a smooth to the touch surface. However, the layers often dont split away evenly which results in a varied, riven surface depending on the quality of the stone. The smoother the surface, the better quality the slate.

Slate has been utilised as construction material throughout the years not just because of work-ability, but because of beauty.

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