How Rippon Buff Paving Slabs Effortlessly Add Colour To Your Garden

The orange green and pinkish tones of buff patio slabs are incredible at adding colour to your garden. They offer an electrifying, bright but warming array of colours to your garden. Buff Indian sandstone paving is fine-grained and smooth. The multicoloured sandstone have stunning accentuated veins running through its surface. These just add to the beauty and colour offers by the paving stone.

However, there are more benefits to buff riven paving than just the gorgeous warm colours. The buff sandstone paving is hard-wearing and dependable. It is also weather and slip resistant. This is a paving option that look stunning throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Due to the inherent properties of sandstone paving, such as anti-wear, durability and affordability, Rippon buff Indian sandstone is an extremely popular paving option for adding colour to gardens across the UK. This durable stone paving solution is ideal for traditional and contemporary patios, pavements, driveways and outdoor dining areas.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching and multi-coloured paving option, you can’t go far wrong with buff patio slabs. They offer unique and natural veining along with tone variations that change from one slab to the next. These natural changes in colour between buff Indian sandstone paving slabs adds colour, charm and beauty to your garden with ease. It’s a truly elegant stone that looks great wet and dry.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Buff Riven Paving To Add Colour To Your Garden?

  • Buff patio slabs are low maintenance.
  • Buff Indian sandstone paving offers a choice of surface textures.
  • Rippon buff Indian sandstone offer stunning natural colours throughout.
  • Buff sandstone paving looks great all year round, wet or dry.

However, we feel that the main reason buff sandstone paving slabs are so popular is due to their natural, yet colourful shades that enable them to compliment a broad and wide variety of backdrops, buildings and gardens.

What Colours Do Rippon Buff Slabs Add To My Garden?

Rippon buff Indian sandstone paving really does create an attention-grabbing finish to any garden or patio due to its striking and beautiful range of colours. Our buff patio slabs are feature bright orange, purple and pink details which are set against the warm beige and buff tones of the smooth and sawn surface of the buff Indian sandstone slabs. When the stone is wet these colours come to life even more so, adding even more colour to your garden on even the darkest and dreariest days.

You really can transform your garden or patio with the medley of natural colours and tones that our buff patio slabs have to offer. The colours and unique tones that have been formed naturally over thousands of years promise you a paved are in your garden full of colour, charm and stunning beauty. Your buff Indian sandstone patio will be as unique as you are, giving you a patio like no one else. It will certainly turn heads and grab the attention of visitors to your garden.

How Else Can I Add Colour To My Garden?

While buff patio slabs offer an eye-catching and multi-coloured paving option, there are other ways that you can even more colour to your garden, alongside the buff Indian sandstone paving slabs. Even the smallest of gardens can be given a pop of colour with buff riven paving stones, but add in some of these other ways to add colour to your garden and you’ll have a garden full of warmth and colour the whole year round.

  • Brighten Boundaries

Why not add colour to your fence, wall, trellis or shed? This can be done with a splash of paint and works well in city plots as well as rural plots. A painted boundary creates a brightly coloured backdrop for your plants and helps their colours stand out more. Your brighter boundaries will also make smaller gardens feel cosier and more intimate.

  • Plant Colours

While it may be tempting to choose plants of all different colours, it’s important to keep it simple. Consider the coloured veins of the buff sandstone paving slabs and use these colours in your planting. It will help set the mood for your garden while adding harmony and sophistication to the outdoor space too.

  • Accessorise

Why not select a few accessories in subtle or statement colours? A colourful garden cushion that matches the colourful veins of the Rippon Buff Indian sandstone paving tiles will really stand out. Or perhaps cushions in the shades of the buff patio slabs themselves if you would prefer the coloured accessories to blend in rather than pop? Accessories such as cushions, tablecloths, outdoor rugs, bunting or plant pots can all work really well to match the shades of the buff Indian sandstone paving, while adding colour to the garden.

  • Bold Is Beautiful

While the biggest benefit of furniture is that it is functional, it can also inject a pop of colour into your garden too. A brightly coloured wooden bench a colourful metal bistro table and chairs can work really well at injecting colour into your garden. If you want to make your garden look extra special, then opt for contrasting colours or colours that make the natural coloured veins in the buff riven paving slabs really pop. Or go for understated pastel shades of furniture to create a more peaceful colour scheme to your garden.

  • Colourful Bedding

Adding cheerful bedding around your patio area is a low-cost way of adding extra colour to your garden. You can plant them in coloured pots for extra brightness or plug gaps in borders with colourful season bedding plants where other plants have died down. Bedding plants in the ground around your patio area, or in pots on your patio area look great and add a lovely splash of colour.

  • Go Potty

We have already touched on pots to add a splash of colour to your garden, but the right pots can add bucket-fulls (or should that be pot-fulls?) of drama to your garden. If you have limited space for growing in your garden, pots are the way forward. This is especially the case if the buff sandstone patio covers your garden. Coloured pots can make a real statement in your garden. Using different shades and sizes of the same coloured post can really add to the colour theme of a garden too, working as a stunning focal point.

  • Foliage

When we think colour in the garden we think of flowers, blooms and blossoms. However, what about the stunning array of greens that can be found in leaf colours? There are a wide range of plants with huge leaves in a wide variety of colours. These greens stand out beautifully from a buff sandstone patio and look fabulous. Darker red-green leaves contrast well with the creams of Rippon Buff Indian sandstone paving stones. Meanwhile, grey-green leaves go brilliantly with the yellow and purple shades of the buff patio slabs.

Want To Use Rippon Buff Slabs To Effortlessly Add Colour To Your Garden?

If you think that buff Indian sandstone paving could be the perfect way to add colour to your garden, then we are here to help.

Check out our range of Rippon Buff paving online to see the perfect paving for you and to get a free quote.

If you wanted to read more about other types of Indian sandstone and what makes it so popular, you can do so here.

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