Why are Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs so Popular?

Indian stone paving is renowned for its range of unique colouring and finishes. This is one of the many reasons that Indian sandstone paving slabs are held in such high regard within the world of landscaping. The high-quality Indian stone flags here at Primethorpe Paving are durable and versatile. The natural finish of the sandstone paving offers a textured and rustic look. It is this look that ensures Indian stone patio slabs will enhance any outdoor space.

Indian sandstone works both as contemporary or traditional sandstone paving slab. As a natural product, it guarantees good performance for water absorption and frost resistance. This means that your sandstone paving slabs will look great for a long time.

What Is Indian Stone Paving?

Indian stone paving has been popular since the 1990s. It is a special type of natural stone that is commonly used for patios, outdoor dining areas and neat pathways. As the name suggests, Indian sandstone paving slabs are imported from India. India is a country renowned for their beautiful, naturally veined stone.

Indian stone flags hold a certain prestige within the landscaping world. However, Indian stone slabs don’t come with the hefty price tag of similar high-end pavers, such as Yorkstone for example.

What Colours Do Indian Stone Slabs Come In?

One of the most eye-catching and attractive things about Indian stone patios has to be there wide range of colour profiles and variations in tones. This is due to the unique origins of the sandstone paving slabs. Many Indian quarries claim to have their own ‘speciality’ natural stone colour.

So, what is the right colour of sandstone garden tiles for you?

If you’ll looking to play it safe without your outdoor area, we would recommend a single-toned Indian sandstone paving slab. However, if you want a more weathered there in your garden then Indian stone flags can still work really well.

If you have a newly designed landscape for your garden, or keen to have something that grabs your attention, we would recommend the fossil sandstone as the perfect attention-grabbing colour of Indian stone patio for you. It promotes a range of off-white hues, dark buff shades and warming desert tones to create that brand-new ‘show home’ aesthetic to your garden.

For more information, read our Indian sandstone colours guide.

Should I Choose Hand-Cut Sandstone Paving or Sawn Sandstone Paving?

It really is dependent on the look you are going for and the finish that you have in mind. The hand-cut Indian sandstone paving slabs with natural riven profiles and chiselled edges offer a more laidback feel to outdoor spaces. We think the hand-cut Indian sandstone paving slabs look perfect placed in the outdoor area of a cottage, for example.

However, if you are looking for a more polished and neater feel to your outdoor area, sawn Indian stone flags will be the best option for you. Due to the fact they are sawn, these Indian stone slabs are straight, offering that more uniformed look. The clean lines and square edges of sawn Indian stone flags make them most at home in contemporary outdoor spaces.

What Is Calibrated Indian Sandstone Paving?

While it might sound technical, calibrated Indian sandstone just refers to the cutting method. This method means that the stones keep a consistent thickness throughout. Calibrated Indian sandstone paving slabs are a popular choice because of their uniform cut. This also makes them easy to lay and transport in bulk. The standard thickness of sandstone paving slabs is 22mm. However, this will differ if the sandstone garden tiles are hand-cut and not calibrated.

Do Indian Sandstone Patio Pavers Need Sealing?

Indian sandstone is a particularly porous material. This means it can look slightly worse for wear after a few years battling against the elements of the Great British weather. This is why we would recommend that you look at sealing your sandstone patio pavers. The sealant will help keep your sandstone paving looking as good as new.

If you opt for a dark-coloured Indian stone patio we would highly recommend and encourage you to use a sealant. Without a sealant the dark and bold colours of the Indian stone flags will fade and quickly begin to look dull in colour.

By using a sealant, especially a colour enhancer sealant, on your Indian stone slabs, you will be protecting your sandstone patio pavers. The sealant will help to combat the effects of sun, rain and wind. Then, all you will need to do is give your patio a quick brush every so often and that will keep it looking its best.

Are Your Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs Ethically Sourced?

Here at Primethorpe Paving, we make sure that all of our high-quality sandstone paving slabs are ethically sourced. We assess each and every one of our paving products in terms of environmental, ethical and social impact. When you choose to purchase your Indian stone flags from Primethorpe Paving you know you’re purchasing from an ethical company.

The Different Types Of Indian Stone Flags

No two gardens are the same, and we completely understand that. This is why we offer a wide range of Indian stone patio options in a range of colours and styles. When planning your outdoor area, you have the choice of our most popular colours. These include Raj Green sandstone, Kandla Grey sandstone and Fossil Mint sandstone. However, we also have some beautiful Indian stone slabs in black and shades of brown. We are confident that whatever the style of your garden, we will have the perfect fit for your garden paving.

It’s not just the colours that vary in Indian stone flags. We have a wide selection of shapes and sizes too. If you are looking to create a simplistic stretcher bond design in your garden, we would recommend the slabs of a uniform shape and size. However, you can use big and bold sandstone garden tiles to stand out or opt for small sandstone patio pavers for a scattered approach.

Of course, you can always mix colours and sizes and shapes of sandstone paving slabs to create a unique, fun and attractive pattern in your garden. The choices are endless, and the choice is yours.

Where Can I Use Indian Stone Slabs?

Sandstone paving slabs are an incredibly versatile paving option. They offer a strong natural stone composition. This means that they are fully capable of withstanding pressure from people walking above. Indian sandstone paving slabs are often used in walkways big and small in public areas across the UK due to their durability.

Weather isn’t an issue for Indian stone flags. The porous quality of the Indian sandstone paving makes it an ideal paving option in any weather, without becoming weak or damaged. However, we would recommend you seal your Indian stone slabs to keep them in the best possible condition.

An Indian sandstone patio has such as unique aesthetic appeal. This is why Indian sandstone flags are the perfect option for patios and garden areas, whether it’s a small isolated courtyard or a large stretch of garden.

Indian Sandstone vs Limestone

While sandstone and limestone look very similar to the untrained eye, they do have some significant differences. This is particularly the case when you compare the look and feel of the two paving options. The most popular finishes for driveways, gardens, patios and verandas are sandstone and limestone; but which is best for you and your outdoor area?

Sandstone is the clear winner when comparing the two paving types on looks and beauty. This is because of the diverse range of styles and the extensive colour palette available with sandstone paving slabs. Sandstone gives a beautifully rustic look to the space by offering a coarse yet gentle texture. Limestone offers a more smooth and silky finish, so has it's place, but the natural variation of sandstone is tough to match.

However, an Indian stone patio will be more rough and uneven than limestone. This is due to its rippled texture. That said, there are a wide variety of Indian stone flag textures to choose from. From sleek and modern, to a vintage and Victorian look. Indian sandstone texture fit them all.

Limestone and sandstone paving both have their own pros and cons. However, due to the fact sandstone is more versatile due to its texture and colour selection, it is often the preferred choice over limestone.

Why Use Natural Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs?

No matter what colour, size of texture you opt for, Indian sandstone paving adds a stylish and sophisticated, yet modern and rustic look to any outdoor space, at a very reasonable price. Just like a good wine, natural Indian sandstone slabs will look better as they age. Here at Primethorpe Paving, we believe that Indian sandstone looks even more beautiful as the years pass.

Natural Indian sandstone paving slabs can be trusted to last the test of time. This is because sandstone is like a gift from nature. It has been formed over a period of many years with the amalgamation of sand grains. These sand grains contain quartz in large quantities along with some cementing material. This is why sandstone is much more durable and resistant to impact than other paving alternatives.

Indian Sandstone Paving Is Low Maintenance

Aside from durability, another huge benefit of Indian stone flags is that they are extremely low maintenance. You simply have the Indian stone patio installed and sealed. Then you can forget about it for years to come. Indian stone slabs are extremely well adjusted to rains and harsh weather. With correct installation, sandstone paving slabs won't be damaged or destroyed over time. 

If you’re looking to clean your Indian sandstone patio then that’s easy too. You can even use a pressure washer without risking damage to the colour or finish of the sandstone paving slabs.

Indian Sandstone Paving Slab Overview

Whether you are looking for a paving solution for a secluded spot in your garden, a focal feature in a courtyard or want to undertake a larger garden project, you will find a wide array of Indian sandstone patio pavers here at Primethorpe Paving.

Our team can share lots of great ideas and ways in which you can express your personality and lifestyle with the help of Indian sandstone garden tiles. Indian stone flags really can reflect the character of your home and your family in a truly unique way.

Feel free to browse our range of Indian sandstone paving slabs online and see what you like the look of. Alternatively, feel free to give our team a call to discuss the best Indian sandstone flags for your outdoor project.

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