What are Setts? Are they the same as Cobbles?

Cobbles and setts are traditionally used for pathways and courtyards. They are an incredibly versatile product that can give outdoor areas that old and rustic feeling, but are also able to produce a modern finish when used well. Setts and cobbles are also popular among homeowners that are looking to add atmosphere and gravitas to their driveway or garden.

Kandla Grey Setts used to create a rustic driveway

In recent years, cobble paving and stone setts have become more common in creating focal features in the garden. Homeowners are using them to complement their green space and add a more rustic feel to outdoor areas around their property.

Cobble setts are extremely versatile when used for paving. They can be used for driveways and edging, paths, patios and garden features to create fantastic finishes. With a wide range of cobble and paving setts available in different materials, colours and sizes, you can keep your paving in with the design of your home or garden.

The small size of the cobble stones for gardens makes them ideal for creating different patterns. This can include paving circles and random designs, resulting in a garden design that is unique and personal to you and your home.

Silver Granite cobbles creating a spiral pattern within Kandla Grey sandstone

Cobbles - The Stylish Alternative To Block Paving

Cobbles and setts are a popular alternative to block paving for patios and driveways across the UK. Cobbles & Setts are often used as an interchangeable term - we certainly use the terms this way. However, there are slight differences in the technical sense, so we will go over them here:

  • Setts

Setts are broadly rectangular quarried stones. They are also referred to as Belgian blocks. In general, a sett is between 75mm and 200mm in width and depth. While the standard length of a sett will vary, it will often be between 75mm and 450mm. The size of brick sett you choose, depends on the needs of your garden project.

Traditionally you would find setts widely used on steep steps. This is because they were able to provide the hooves of a horse with better grip than a smooth surface. However, nowadays setts are commonly used in modern landscaping projects across the UK.

  • Cobbles

Cobbles are also, and commonly, known as cobblestones. The word cobble is derived from the word ‘cob’, which means ‘rounds lump’. This is the main way you can tell a cobblestone and a sett apart. While a sett is more a square / rectangle shape, a cobble will be more rounded.

In reference to landscaping materials, setts are slightly more structural and often play a role of being a mini-retaining wall - imagine a mini-sleeper - whereas a cobble is often smaller, more rustic and serves a mainly decorative purpose.

  • Setts and Cobbles

Setts and cobbles are both exceptionally durable paving options. They are ideal for high traffic areas and can handle exposure to the typical weather in Britain. Cobbles and setts are available in a wide range of colours, textures and materials. Both can be laid to create unique patterns and designs or edging alongside natural stone paving slabs/. It’s down to preference as to which one you prefer for your project.

Black Limestone cobbles laid in a circular pattern

Why Cobblestones and Cobble Setts Are Ideal For Driveways And Patios

Cobblestones can be used as decorative edging or for your driveway and patio area. The great things about cobble paving is that it's resilient and strong, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Cobble setts are able to withstand heavy weights, when laid correctly, and look very attractive too. They are particularly well suited to being used across an entire area also - they make great full driveway projects and make constructing a stylish pathway simple.

The natural stone used in cobblestone edging can make sure of an uneven appearance. However, we feel this is particularly pleasing to the eye and works really well with a period property. Paving setts also make excellent paving stones for modern properties, in the right setting and surroundings. The variety in shapes, sizes, colours and materials of stone setts means they can look perfect in many settings, against many different homes and gardens.

Designing Unique Paving With Cobblestone Setts

Throughout the years, stone cobbles have been used for paving. Commonly brick setts have been used to pave the cobble streets across many medieval towns across the UK and Europe. However, more recently, cobble paving is a popular design tool for landscape gardeners. Cobble setts are versatile, providing great options for imaginative garden patio and pathway designs.

Here are just five of the way you can go about designing unique paving with cobble stones for the garden.

  1. Pathways

Looking to create winding pathways? This can be done by using garden cobbles. You can layout the garden cobbles in rows with the joints meeting. Or stagger the bonds to create more of a random effect to your winding garden path.

Black Limestone 20cm x 10cm cobbles laid as a pathway 

  1. Driveways

Cobblestone edging can be used to create an edging barrier along your gravel drive. While gravel looks great on your drive, without a strong edging, before long the gravel is across the surrounding edging and road. A single row of brick setts can be just what you need along your outer gravel driveway border to keep the gravel in place.

  1. Pathway Edging

Similarly, to the cobblestone edging used to edge your driveway, cobblestone edging can be used for your pathway edging too. A single or double row of cobble setts can create the perfect edging to a gravel or paved pathway through your garden.

Raj Green setts edging a Raj Green patio

  1. Patio Designs

You can create some stunning patio designs by incorporating garden cobbles and stone setts. The stone cobbles can be used as a border to the patio, or blocks of paving setts can be used in the place of a paving slab. My mixing and matching materials and types of garden cobbles you can create a contrast of colours for a unique and eye-catching design.

Fossil Mint Indian Sandstone Edging 10cm cobbles used to highlight a circular patio

  1. Patio Circles

Cobblestone pavers and brick setts can be laid out in a concentric pattern to create a patio circle of any size you choose. You could also create winding garden paths leading away from the formal patio circle, as a way to extend the patio area and create a truly stunning focal feature in your outdoor space that grabs visitor’s attention.

Black Limestone 10cm x 10cm cobbles used to create a circular pattern

Tidy Your Lawn Edge With Cobble Setts

Everyone loves a beautifully maintained garden, but this often means a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Garden jobs such as trimming the edge of your lawn can be very time-consuming, but help is at hand. Edging your lawn with cobble setts enables you to mow straight over the cobbled edge, thus removing the need to strim or trim the edge of your lawn.

Using cobble stones for your garden as an edging to your lawn gives you the well-maintained and beautifully looking garden you’ve dreamed of, without the extra work. The cobblestone edgings also give you the added benefit of looking attractive. If you have a patio, you can use stone cobbles that match the cobblestone pavers on your patio to pull the garden styling together.

A lawn edged with Black Limestone 10cm x 10cm cobbles

Why Choose Primethorpe Paving as Your Cobbles and Setts Supplier

Cobbling is one of the most identifiable and traditional forms of paving. By using cobble setts you are able to make your garden stand out from the crowd with a unique look that oozes style and quality for years to come.

Here at Primethorpe Paving we have a massive range of cobble paving options in different sizes, colours, materials and textures. We have something that is perfect for whatever stone cobble design you have in mind. We really can make your garden cobble dreams and desires, a reality.

Through the use of cobble setts you will have an unbeatable traditional look that will never go out of style. Stone cobbles are timeless, elegant, sleek and hardwearing. This is what makes them so perfect for high traffic areas such as garden paths, patios and driveways.

If you’re looking for a driveway, patio or garden path that looks stylish yet durable, while adding natural charm to your outdoor area, check out our cobblestone pavers online or contact our team for a quote.

Cobbles and Setts Overview

Whether you are looking to give your old pathways and courtyards that rustic and traditional feeling or add atmosphere and gravitas to your driveway – you can’t go far wrong with cobbles and setts in your outdoor areas.

Cobbles and setts and commonly used for creating stunning features in gardens and lawns and can be used to great effect complementing their surrounding green space. You can use cobblestone setts to match the surrounding areas and blend into your garden. Alternatively, for a more modern and contemporary look why not use different coloured stone setts that contract against the colours in your garden and your patio to create a stunning focal feature in your garden.

Want to know more about how you can use cobble stones in your outdoor paving projects? Call our team now, or check out our range of cobbles and setts online.

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