Cobbles & Setts

We have a whole host of options whether you are looking for and edging to finish off your patio, or whether you are cobbling a whole area like a driveway. Cobbles are versatile and incredibly popular. Whilst not essential, a patio can often look unfinished without an edging and a cobbled border is an incredibly popular technique. The cobbles are between 30mm-50mm thick and are all incredibly hard-wearing - truly worth the investment.

Limestone - Our limestone is very easy to work with and as a result you end up with immaculately shaped cobbles which are perfect for finishing off any project. The smooth surface only adds to the effect - limestone is a great choice of cobble.

SandstoneOften the most popular choice as it compliments the sandstone that has been used in the main paving project. The natural riven surface maintains the natural look of the project and it's incredibly easy to find a complimentary cobble.

Granite - Robust, colourful and natural. Granite is an incredibly tough stone so is much more difficult to cut to size than it's sandstone/limestone counterparts. whilst the sizing and edges are less consistent, it results in a beautifully rustic look. We wouldn't sell them if they didn't look good, and they really do add a traditional finish to all sorts of projects. Because they are so tough, the are absolutely perfect to use for a driveway project.