What Shape Should My Fireplace Hearth Be?

There are a number of options when it comes to the shape of your bespoke fireplace hearth, but this is completely dictated by the situation, size and space you are installing your burner.

The hearth shape you need for a free standing burner is going to be completely different than if you need to fill a fireplace recess.

The most common hearth shapes are:

  • T-Shape Hearth
  • Rectangle Hearth
  • Corner/Pentagon Shape Hearth

Each piece is used in a specific circumstances which will explain below.

Bespoke T-Shape Fireplace Hearth

This shape is the most request shape for a bespoke hearth, which makes sense. The majority of fireplace recesses are suited to this shape hearth.

When should you opt for a T-Shape?

A T-shape is designed for filling the recess of a fireplace and leaving a protruding front 'lip'. Hence they are described as a 'T' Shape (see image below.) This is well suited to a majority of projects as most standard fireplace floor spaces are going to be this shape. By opting for a T-shape, you can easily cover the entire recess of your fireplace, leaving none of the original fireplace floor visible. A great solution.

How much will a T-shape cost?

A T-shape requires the most work to get right and this is reflected in the price. A T-shape cut is twice the price of a rectangular piece because it involves double the work. Rectangular pieces are a simple case of chopping two sides to your specs, but a t-shape has 4-6 slightly more fiddly cuts. Cutting the piece down to size on each side, then cutting away the two back corners to allow the piece to slot into the fire recess - leaving the 'wing' or 'lip' on the front.

As you can see, we need 6 measurements from you, which means there are going to be more cuts, and therefore more costs. This is the most expensive option, but is worth every penny for a hearth that fits perfectly. 

Get a Quote For a T-Shape Limestone Hearth Here

Rectangular Fireplace Hearths 

This is the most simple shape to cut. A bespoke rectangular piece simply requires two straight cuts along two of the edges to cut the hearth to your required measurements. The simplicity of the cut is reflected in the price and it is the most affordable solution.

When should you opt for a Rectangular piece?

This option is appropriate when you do not have a front 'lip' for your fireplace and therefore a simple rectangle is enough the fill the fireplace recess.

Alternatively, a rectangular piece is used when you have a free standing burner away from the corner of the room. Why spend any more money when a simple rectangular piece will do the job! 

How much will a T-shape cost?

Two simple measurements will do, and we will get that cut nice and quickly! 

As always, the cost depends on size. But it is almost always cheaper than the t-shape options above.


Get a Quote For a Rectangular Slate Hearth Here 

Corner Piece Fireplace Hearth

There is a third shape that suits a number of situations - albeit a less common shape, it's something that's not too difficult to do.

When should you opt for a corner piece?

Many people would like a burner fitted into the corner of their space, so they need a hearth that will slot nicely into the corner of the room. This is where the corner hearth is ideal. The corner of the rectangle slots snug-ly into the corner of the room with the front edge finished as per requirements. The result is like below:

How much will a T-shape cost?

Even though the shape seems more complicated than the others, it's actually much less work than a T-shape hearth which is reflected in the price. These pieces are slightly more expensive than a regular rectangle, but much cheaper than a T-shape!

So, which shape will you need?

As we mentioned, it's completely dependent on your project requirements. We are sure you are aware of your requirements, but hopefully we have explained it clearly enough that you know exactly the piece you are going to need.

If you want to read on about all the other requirements and decisions you need to make, take a look at our article that lays out the entire process of pricing up and creating your bespoke hearth by clicking here.

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