Collection: Portland Extra-Large Porcelain Tile Collection | 180cm x 80cm, 180cm x 40cm, 120cm x 120cm

Huge, extra-large, heavy-duty porcelain tiles that are designed to help you create a luxury entertaining space that feels elegant, expensive and impressive.

By using extra-large format tiles, you will be rewarded a space unlike anything else. There is minimal jointing space and the tiles are an immediate standout feature thanks to their sheer size.

They are also ideal for outdoor kitchen spaces thanks to the extreme width. Think or worktops, or cladded kitchen fronts. These tiles are truly an amazing investment. 

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These huge format porcelain tiles are an incredible selection for those with a little extra space who want to create something truly eye-catching. By using huge porcelain tiles, you create huge feauture patios or even use them as individual stepping stones that will make your space unlike anyone elses.

The extra large porcelain tiles are a truly standout choice. They are a little extra effort to install thanks to them being so large, but they create a statement unlike any other piece on the market.