Collection: 80cm x 40cm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Smaller format porcelain tiles which or perfect for lots of different situations. 

If you have a smaller patio, then a smaller tile is the best choice to make the space feel larger. More tiles can trick the eye into making the space feel larger, which is exactly what you want in a smaller space.

Smaller tiles are also ideal for those who really like to see the laying patterns of their patios. Some enjoy a seemless area with minimal joints, but equally people enjoying seeing the laying patterns of their tiles. Both are valid!

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Small format outdoor porcelain tiles are simply amazing at making small spaces pop. With 80cm x 40cm tiles, you can go for a brick-bond pattern, a stacked pattern or you can even go for an elaborate herringbone pattern to really make your space pop.

Not only are the great for smaller spaces, but using smaller porcelain tiles to create intricate patterns across larger spaces is an amazing way to really make your area standout.