Collection: Granite-Effect Porcelain Tiles

Natural granite is a spectacular stone. It's been installed around the globe for years thanks to it's high resistance to stains and scratches and it's ability to withstand high pressures and damage. However, this brings around it's own issues. Being so resistant to damage and pressure, granite is getting harder and hard to quarry, therefore the price is sky-rocketing and it's no longer enjoying the popularity it once was.

Granite-effect porcelain has attempted to bridge to gap and create a product that looks like granite, is damage and stain resistant like granite, but is also a lot easier to get hold of. And as a result, let us introduce granite-effect porcelain paving.

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This special collection of porcelain tiles is for those who may have started trying to source granite paving of their own, but are finding it difficult, or simply like the idea of having granite paving, but don't like the idea of maintenance.

Otherwise, take a look at the two granite-effect porcelain paving options below and you might just find something you love.