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Kandla Grey Porcelain is the best of both worlds. It's taken inspiration from natural Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone to produce a porcelain tile that requires very little maintenance, but still gives the stunning effect you can expect from a natural kandla grey paving slab.

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For years, Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone has been an incredibly popular choice across the landscaping industry. It had an attractive grey tone that looked good in almost any situation, and thus Kandla Grey was the nation's favourite Indian sandstone. However, it was not without its drawbacks: Iron deposits causing brown patches, crumbling low quality stone or varying sizes where the natural stone was cut to hand.

Kandla Grey Porcelain Paving has come to market in an attempt to solve all these issues. These laser cut, non-porous porcelain pavers will not fade, crumble or fail like a poor natural stone might, nor will they arrive out of shape or mis-calibrated. These low-maintenance porcelain paving slabs will be a beautiful background to your outdoor space for years.