Collection: Porcelain by Special Collections

Porcelain paving comes in all manner of shapes and sizes these days, so take a look at all of our specialy curated collections that have been put together for specfic purposes. Whether the be to replicate a natural material with the benefits of porcelain, or to provide a certain finish, our special collections are going to satisfy even the most specific tastes.

Stone-Effect Porcelain Tile Collection

Stone-effect non-slip porcelain has been the market-leading outdoor porcelain tile option ever since porcelain paving hit the market.

Natural stone has always been a popular paving choice for years and years thanks to its stunning natural beauty. But as a natural product, it requires upkeep and maintenance to get the most out of it's natural beauty as the years pass. But that's where stone-effect porcelain steps in. Designed to replicate natural stone as closely as possible, but provide the low-maintenance benefits of porcelain paving, these non-slip paving stones are the perfect solution for so many different projects.

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Kandla Grey Porcelain Collection | 3 Colours

Kandla Porcelain Paving is the best of both worlds. It's taken inspiration from natural Kandla Indian Sandstone to produce a porcelain tile that requires very little maintenance, but still gives the stunning effect you can expect from a natural kandla paving slabs.
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Antique Porcelain Collection | 2 Colours

Porcelain paving or porcelain tiles are often associated with modern spaces and contemporary projects, often due to the fact that they are laser-cut to size and as a result are very clean-cut and perfect for this exact job.

However, we have put together a collection of porcelain tiles that provide a fantastic, subtle alternative to mindlessly modern tiles. These "antiqued" tiles have been through an artificial aging process that make the edges look softer and more akin to an aged limestone but without the natural fading that will happen thereafter.

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Wood-effect Porcelain Tile Collection

Wood effect paving slabs are the perfect alternative to wooden decking. It has all of the texture and pattern of wood, without the maintenance or short shelf-life. Wood-effect porcelain paving will stay looking brand new for an indefinite amount of time, making it a great choice for any outdoor space.

Save yourself the headache of installing a sub-par decking area and install a permanent porcelain wood-effect patio with peace of mind. Your visitors will be amazed at how good it looks and you'll never have to worry about it again!

Granite-effect Porcelain Tile Collection | 2 Colours

Natural granite is a spectacular stone. It's been installed around the globe for years thanks to it's high resistance to stains and scratches and it's ability to withstand high pressures and damage. However, this brings around it's own issues. Being so resistant to damage and pressure, granite is getting harder and hard to quarry, therefore the price is sky-rocketing and it's no longer enjoying the popularity it once was.

Granite-effect porcelain has attempted to bridge to gap and create a product that looks like granite, is damage and stain resistant like granite, but is also a lot easier to get hold of. And as a result, let us introduce granite-effect porcelain paving.

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Travertine Porcelain Tile Collection

Travertine paving is a naturally occuring, often buff/cream coloured limestone that is traditionally associated with roman buildings such as aquaducts which is now commonly used as decorative stone either internally or for paths and patios. Natural travertine is naturally porous, so over time exposure to the elements especially for outdoor travertine will cause pits and troughs to occur across the stone unless owners are militant with protecting it.

To solve this problem, we've created a porcelain version of travertine. The natural beauty of this stone is easy to replicate, but by forming it out of porcelain, you get all the beauty of the natural stone but without the risk of pitting and trophing over time.