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Travertine is a naturally occuring, often buff/cream coloured limestone that is traditionally associated with roman buildings such as aquaducts which is now commonly used as decorative stone either internally or for paths and patios. Natural travertine is naturally porous, so over time exposure to the elements especially for outdoor travertine will cause pits and troughs to occur across the stone unless owners are militant with protecting it.

To solve this problem, we've created a porcelain version of travertine. The natural beauty of this stone is easy to replicate, but by forming it out of porcelain, you get all the beauty of the natural stone but without the risk of pitting and trophing over time.

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Travertine limestone - sometimes referred to as Travertine "Marble" - is a very decorative but very soft natural stone. It's fantastic if looked after year round, but not everyone is able to afford the time to consistently seal and protect their natural travertine paving.

As an equally attractive alternative, check out our travertine porcelain paving below: