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Porcelain Paving


The next big thing in outdoor paving – Outdoor porcelain is changing the game!

This manufactured product has addressed some the known issues that can occur with natural paving products. The main benefits come from the maintenance & longevity of porcelain paving, which is a primary concern for many people installing a new patio.

Key Benefits

Ultra-Low Maintenance Weather and Damage Resistant Structurally Sound Stylish & Attractive
Algae, moss & mould wipe clean off Frost Resistant Hard-wearing Modern & contemporary look
Bird droppings just wipe off Resistant to the appearance of surface salts Doesn't require sealing Consistent texture and colour
Red wine doesn't stain it Scratch resistant Superb strength & load capacity Choice of sizes
BBQ fat or oil won't stain 0% water absorption Consistent, even thickness & sizing Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
Easy to clean with just soap and water Resistent to fade
Acid & other cleaners won't damage it

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Buff Porcelain
Grey Porcelain
Black Porcelain
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