Why wall coping stones are the only way to finish your garden wall

Wall Copings - Complete The Look Of Your wall

Wall coping stones and wall toppers add the perfect finishing touch of style to any wall. They protect brickwork from potential water damage, while adding beauty and style to the garden wall. The capping stones are designed to match any type of garden walling and here at Primethorpe Paving we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you are looking to compliment or contrast with existing brickwork and paving, we have the wall toppers you need.

Black Limestone Bullnosed Wall Copings - View All Options Here

Wall Copings Are Available For All Garden Styles

Our wall toppings have been designed to match any type of garden walling style. We have wall cappings for a modern look, something more traditional, something charming or even something more contemporary. You can even create a customised wall coping style by mixing and matching our wall coping stones to create something bespoke and unique to your home.

There are a wide number of different profiles of wall coping stones that you can choose from. These all add protection to your home. However, they add beauty too. This is why we offer wall toppers in a wide range of materials and colours.

Raj Green Hand-Dressed Coping Stones - A Traditional Option

Copings Are Varied In Colour, Style & Finish

Due to the fact that there are so many colours of wall cappings to choose from, it means there really are no restrictions when it comes to creating the perfect looking wall. You can choose from cool grey slate coping, warm sandstone coping, stylishly dark granite coping and more.

As with all outdoor paving, natural weathering may occur. This is because coping stones are installed outdoors and therefore open to a variety of elements from the Great British weather. Some natural stone wall toppers will vary in colour and shade due to them being manufactured naturally from quarried materials. However, we just feel this adds to their natural beauty.

Grey Coping Stones - Perfect For All Spaces

Don't Leave Your Wall Bare - Add a Coping!

Coping stones are one of the best ways to finish your walling project to the highest of standards. They add a luxurious and elegant finish to any landscaping job and when done right they will last the test of time.

Check out our wide range of wall toppers and wall coping stones online or contact us directly for a quote.

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