Collection: Porcelain By Size

Are you looking for a porcelain tile of a certain size? We have handily sorted our porcelain ranges into collections of specific sizes to make your life easier. 

We have sizes ranging from smaller 60cm x 60cm tiles, all the way up to 180cm x 80cm for grand, open plan projects. You'll be sure to find something that suits.

90cm x 60cm Porcelain Tiles | Authentica Collection

A larger-format, standard size outdoor porcelain tile which is commonly used across the landscaping industry.

A well-balanced slab size for all scale of patio: A good sized slab which works great in larger areas thanks to it's larger coverage, but still remains well-suited to smaller patios when compared to some other larger porcelain tiles.

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100cm x 50cm Porcelain Tiles | The Stone Collection

The original standard porcelain size that was imported from Italy. These are slightly wider and thinner than the standard natural stone paving sizes.

The dimensions help trick the eye and make spaces feel wider than they actually are so it's easy to see why these have become the most popular size porcelain tile on the market.

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60cm x 60cm Porcelain Tiles | The Classic Collection

The quintessential paving slab size has landed in an outdoor porcelain tile option. There is nowhere this sized tile does not work. The repeating pattern works amazingly well across large areas, but their smaller format is also perfect for tighter spaces.

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120cm x 60cm Porcelain Tiles | The Luxury Collection

Impressive, large-format porcelain tiles that are perfect for impressive porcelain patio spaces. Large porcelain tiles are perfect at creating luxury, spaces that feel open and inviting. 

There are less joints to break up the porcelain so the whole space feel bright and spacious. If you are unsure of which size is best for you, the 120cm x 60cm collection is often a good one to go for.

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The Extra-Large Porcelain Tile Collection | 180cm x 80cm; 180cm x 40cm; 120cm x 120cm

Huge, extra-large, heavy-duty porcelain tiles that are designed to help you create a luxury entertaining space that feels elegant, expensive and impressive.

By using extra-large format tiles, you will be rewarded a space unlike anything else. There is minimal jointing space and the tiles are an immediate standout feature thanks to their sheer size.

They are also ideal for outdoor kitchen spaces thanks to the extreme width. Think or worktops, or cladded kitchen fronts. These tiles are truly an amazing investment. 

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120cm x 40cm Porcelain Tiles | The Plank Collection

Wide and thin porcelain tiles which are designed to give the illusion of widening a space. When used correctly and laid in a strecher-course pattern, these extra wide porcelain tiles will help your space feel huge.

Perfect for those with a limited space, or those who want to create a wide feature patio within their project.

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