Collection: Corner Coping Stones & Pier Caps

This collection of specialty coping stones have been put together for two reasons:

  1. To make installing of entire walls easier my reducing the amount of cuts you need to do.
  2. To make your walls standout with eye catching feature cappings.

Take a look at the various options and you'll see exactly what we mean. There are pier cap and corner coping sizes to fit all requirements and projects. So don't fiddle around with cutting all your copings to size - get exactly what you need, delivered to your door.

Our Speciality Copings | Corner Pieces & Pier Caps:

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There are tricky parts to any walling project. Namely: corners & pillars. If you don't have the specialty pieces to make this simple, this job can involve a lot of manual cuts and errors if you are not careful.

Why not take some of the stress out of the job with our specialty copings designed for this very reason.