Collection: Stone-Effect Non Slip Porcelain Paving

Stone-effect non-slip porcelain has been the market-leading outdoor porcelain tile option ever since porcelain paving hit the market.

Natural stone has always been a popular paving choice for years and years thanks to its stunning natural beauty. But as a natural product, it requires upkeep and maintenance to get the most out of it's natural beauty as the years pass. But that's where stone-effect porcelain steps in. Designed to replicate natural stone as closely as possible, but provide the low-maintenance benefits of porcelain paving, these non-slip paving stones are the perfect solution for so many different projects.

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The perfect balance of natural beauty combined with the low-maintenance and non-slip benefits of porcelain paving. This stone-effect porcelain collection is the market leading choice for porcelain paving projects up and down the country.

Each of these tiles are specially selected thanks to their close replication of the beauty of natural stone, but also their long lasting, low maintenance benefits to ensure they look great year round and for years and decades to come.