Paving Slabs

Here at Primethorpe Paving we have a wide variety of paving options for you to chose from. Consisting of 4 different materials, we're bound to have something that works for you:

Limestone - Unlike the soft, British lime that most people are familiar with, this stone is really hard and durable. It is a great choice for someone looking for uniformity in their outdoor space. All our limestone ranges are consistent in colour and naturally smooth on the surface. The soft tones of limestone are easy on the eye and get better with age as they mellow into their surrounding.

SandstoneThis is an incredibly popular choice of paving and it's easy to see why. With the biggest variations in colour, from black to bright reds, you are guarenteed to find something that works for you.  Sandstone is fantastically natural, with a naturally split surface and brilliant natural colour palettes across all of the slabs, it will bring your garden to life with a splash of natural colour.

Granite - Volcanic rock that has cooled and hardened before being quarried. Granite is the toughest, most resistant and long lasting stone on the market. It has almost zero water retention and the surface is hard to even mark. Granite comes at a slight premium, but is worth every single penny as it is guarenteed to last for years and years.

Slate - Formed in perfect layers under immense pressure, slate creates a beautiful effect that is impossible to replicate. The sheen created by slate adds a touch of class and elegance wherever it is used. The surface is split naturally so it is clear that this is natural paving but the slate really elevates the finish above and beyond.

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