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Granite Paving

Granite Paving

Our Granite paving slabs are composed mainly of quartz and other mineral grains. Granite can vary wildly in colour but is predominantly seen with grey, silver, dark brown and black tones.

A Granite Paving Slab has fantastic texture and feel. It is a naturally rugged stone, making it useful in many projects and situations from garden paths, to steps, driveways &  patios. Commonly associated with modern landscaping looks, this is a highly durable stone.

It is a notoriously tough stone - it has almost zero water retention and is tough to mark even when giving it a real go. Granite requires next to no maintenance, is resistant to UV light and as a result is unlikely to fade in the sunlight. It comes at slight premium, but it's durability a longevity is unparalleled.

Why Use Granite Paving Slabs?

Granite slabs are the hardest natural stone available. Granite is actually formed from cooled volcanic rock, so is very ready to deal with everything the great British weather can throw at it.

On top of its tough exterior, granite is a stone with unique styles at patterns. It is often a smooth stone as it has to be sawn from large blocks, so you end up with paving slabs that are very square and easy to install.

Thanks to its robust nature, granite paving slabs barely need any maintenance. A quick power wash will bring them back looking as good as new each time - they wont absorb stains, frost won't affect them and you can hit it with as much wind and rain as you like and your granite paving slabs will remain undamaged.

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