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Brazilian Slate Paving

About Brazilian Black Slate Paving

Brazilian Slate is the absolute premium in slate paving. The quarries in Brazil produce outstanding slate stone of premium quality. Another distinction is its perfect natural finish which is tough to replicate through a manual process.

Like all slates, Brazilian Black slate is also formed in layers. However, Brazilian slate layers have been compacted much more than other stones so breaks away in much cleaner layers. Often, slate can break away in patches and give a very rustic, riven finish - which some people prefer - but if you are looking for a smoother, more contemporary finish, Brazilian slate might be the answer.

Brazilian Black Slate Paving Types

There are a few variations of Brazilian Black Slate Paving material to buy in our store:

  • Brazilian Blue Paving Slate
  • Brazilian Blue Slate as Patio Pack Bundle
  • Brazilian Grey Slate
  • Brazilian Grey Slate as Patio Pack Bundle

Take a tour to our slate paving listings and buy with confidence today!