Slate Hearths

Our second premium option. Brazilian slate is the premium slate available worldwide and we are proud to stock it. Slate is a fantastic material for a hearth as it is heat resistant, perfectly smooth and has an incredibly attractive finish. With a slate hearth, you get a beautiful, unique piece of stone that will really stand out in any room.

Slate Hearths

Express Hearths

  • Off-the-Shelf Size
  • Choice of 4 Material
  • Quick Online Ordering
  • Quick Delivery Time (3-4 Working Days)
  • Sealing Service Available On Request (+1 Working Day)
  • No Bespoke Service
  • Rectangular Shape Only
  • Square Edge Only
Slate Hearths

Bespoke Hearths

  • Cut-to-Specification Pieces
  • Choice of 4 Materials
  • Bespoke Ordering – Please Contact Us!
  • Sealing Service Available on Request
  • Wide Range of Shapes Available
  • Custom Edge Finish (4 Styles)
  • 7 Working Day Turnaround.