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Granite Fireplace Hearth | Bespoke Service

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Excl. VAT: £60.00 Incl. VAT: £72.00
Granite Fireplace Hearth | Bespoke Service is available for purchase in increments of 1

We can cut granite slabs to your exact specifications for a variety of projects:

  • to enhance a home with classic features

  • to add a luxurious feel to your living room

  • to enjoy a long lasting granite fireplace hearth

The Product: We have a huge range of granite hearths available to purchase in all different shades of black. From our list of hearths, you will be able to see the difference between all these colours and decide which you prefer.

The following colours are available:

  • Polished Granite - Our most popular range. This is perfectly smooth and has been through a process to polish the surfaces.

  • Leathered Granite - the deepest black granite available. Deep black with a slight mottling of lighter shades.

  • Flamed Granite - Smokey black and grey shades for a lighter finish than the Leathered.

  • Silver Granite - More grey than black. A consistent pattern of greys to give the lightest granite finish available.

The Sizes: Anything up to - and including - 1500mm x 800mm

The Edges: A choice of 5 different edge finishes. Not all edges are available in all sizes.

The Thickness: These hearths are all calibrated to 30mm thick.

The Colour: Four different granite colour ranges available.

How much will by bespoke hearth cost?: There are a number of variations that affect cost, we've outlined everything that will affect the price in our most complete article ever! - Click Here.

Not sure where to start? Check out our 5-part guide on how to make sure you get the best results with your bespoke item.

Availability: In stock

Excl. VAT: £60.00 Incl. VAT: £72.00

This product is not available to purchase online.

Please Contact us to enquire.


Custom Made Granite Fireplace Hearths | Made to Measure

Along with our huge range of hearth sizes that we have available - if you can't find one to fit your needs, we can also cut any of our pieces to your exact specifications. Our specialist team is incredibly talented & capable and will provide you with a precise cut to fit your fireplace, window-sill, worktops or any other space. We can cut to any shape, size or measurement - simply provide us with your measurements in a short conversation with our mason and we will come back to you with a price same-day. We estimate that we can get each hearth picked, cut and packed and on your doorstep within 7 working days.

So we can begin to get to work on your bespoke piece, we need the following information:

  1. Choose your material. This listing is for Granite, but we also stock the following: Black LimestoneSlateSandstone.
  2. Next, choose the shape you need your hearth to be. Rectangular, T-Shape or even a corner piece (Pentagon).
  3. Then those your desired edge type: Clean Cut Sawn, Bevelled Edge or Bullnosed. (Diagram below) 
  4. Decide on whether you would like the hearth pre-sealed/oiled. (Explanation below)
  5. If you require delivery, we also need to know the delivery postcode.
  6. Finally, and most importantly, please attach a rough drawing of your hearth outlining your specifications. It doesnt have to anything intricate, but just enough so we can see the measurements and shape you are after.

Once you know the answer to these questions:

  1. Compile it all into an email, or copy, paste and complete the below list.
  2. Attach a quick sketch of your requirements and send it to us at 
  3. We'll get back to you with a guaranteed quote price if you have provided enough information.

At particularly busy times, it may take us 24 hours to get back to you, but we aim to get back to you on the same day. 

To make this email quicker to write, you can copy and complete the following lines and attach your drawing to your email which will provide us with all the information we need:

-   Colour Range/Material: ________
-   Hearth Shape(Rectangle, T-Shape, Pentagon)
-   Edge Type(Clean Cut Sawn, Bevelled or Bullnosed)
-   Sealed or Unsealed: ________
-   Delivery Postcode: ________

-   Width of longest side (cm/mm): ________
-   Depth of hearth, front-to-back (cm/mm): ________

Once you have sent this over, we will have everything we need to quote accurately. but please remember to attach a quick drawing.

Additional Services Information

Bespoke Shape/Size Cutting

There are additional costs for cutting the piece to size. If you want a rectangular hearth, these cuts are more straightforward so are slightly cheaper than a t-shape cut. The price options are outlined below:

  1. Rectangular - £25+VAT per piece.
  2. T-Shape - £50+VAT per piece.
  3. Pentgon - £25+VAT for a simple Pentagon (1 Cut), £40+VAT for complex pentagon (2+ Cuts).

Edge Finish

We have 5 different edge styles available. However, please note that not all edging is available in all sizes, so please confirm with us first.

  • Clean Cut Sawn - This edge has 4 completely smooth, sawn edges and has a contemporary, clean feel to it.
  • Hand Dressed Edges This edging is completely cut by hand. All 4 edges are hand cut and have a rustic feel.
  • Bevelled Edges - All 3 visible sides are 'chamfered'. Meaning the top edge has been smoothed away at a 45 degree angle to give a softer feel the visible edges.
  • Fully Rounded - This style has fully rounded edges. It has gone through a process called "bullnosing" so it is smooth to the touch. The edges rounded on the top and bottom of the edge giving a fully rounded edge.
  • Half Bullnose - A similar style to the above, but only the top half of the edge has been rounded, leaving the bottom edge still square. This 'half bullnose' gives more defined edges than the fully rounded style above.


Sealing the stone is a very important task to ensure the stone is protected, especially for fire hearths which will undoubtedly see a fair amount of action over the years. We are happy to offer a sealing service for any Hearth purchased from us. This allows the hearth to be installed without the need for it to be sealed at a later date and without the worry of scratching and marking during installation. Sealing the stone will give it a darker appearance and ensures the hearths arrive ready for immediate use.

The fee for the sealing service works out £15 per hearth regardless of size.

The Ordering Process: Why Choose Us? 

We've produced 100s of perfect hearths over the years and left many, many happy customers over the moon with their new centre-piece of their living room. We'll work closely with you to establish your requirements & provide you with an accurate, guaranteed price that you can rely on.

Once you are happy with the price, you can place the order and we will get to work on it. First we'll produce a final template drawing and send this back to you for confirmation that it is accurate. This is an important step as it allowed you to check that all measurements work for you and that there are no errors being passed across to the mason who will be crafting your hearth. We will not start work on your piece until we receive this confirmation.

After you have confirmed the drawing is correct, we will cut your piece to the exact measurements agreed. This takes around 4-6 days to get the piece perfect - finished & sealed ready for delivery. 

When complete, you can choose to collect from our Peterborough depot or use our nationwide delivery service. We will agree a date for delivery as we need to make sure you are at home to sign for the large delivery. 

Finally, when the hearth arrives make sure you check it for defects or any issues that may have occurred in the delivery process. If it's all okay, sign on the dotted line and the hearth will fit perfectly where it's supposed to - guaranteed! 

Delivery Costs

Delivery is charged depending on postcode, which is why we ask for it to give an accurate price. We can send up to two hearth pieces before incurring a second delivery charge.

If you would like an accurate quote, please email us at - alternatively give the office a call on 01733 810161 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Surface Finish Natural Smooth
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